Family & Children

Family Group Photos

Large or small, we are able to accomodate any family size. We will use your ideas or incorporate our own to arrange everyone for the best possible result.

TIP: For best looking photos, have everyone wear similar color clothing. For a studio photoshoot, avoid wearing any shade of green color as it will interfere with our green screen setup.

Small Children

Anyone who has small children knows how much of a challenge it is to take their photos. We'll dial our patience-meter to the max and take as long as needed to capture the perfect moment.

TIP: Have your child well rested and fed prior to the photoshoot and bring multiple outfits. For girls, we do offer decorative flowers, which can be clipped on her hair free of charge.

Newborn Portraits

You come home from the hospital and realize that your newborn child is already a few days old. Don't wait or next thing you know your baby will be starting college! Book your appointment today and let us capture your newborn while they can still fit on your arm.

TIP: Bring your favorite blanket. Have your newborn eat right before the photoshoot.


Our pricing for family photos starts at $100.00 per session. This is a sitting fee and includes a DVD with your finished, retouched images. You may use the DVD for posting pictures online or making prints.


We highly recommend using our photo lab for prints as each photo is manually adjusted to match the printing equipment, producing the highest quality picture possible. Using other labs will significantly affect picture quality.

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